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Soft Close Drawers and Door Hinges

Subtle Change, Huge Enhancement

Rocky Mountain Furniture Group is excited to announce that all PL laminate products will soon feature soft close drawers and door hinges standard.

Our goal is to deliver high-quality products, and continuously improve your satisfaction. Soft close hinges and drawers will provide a significant enhancement to our PL line up, at no additional cost.

New for 2024

Soft close door hinges will be included on all laminate products manufactured after July 2023, soft close drawers on products manufactured after January 2024 and will begin shipping this spring.

Note: In the interest of safety and to maintain the effectiveness of the anti-tip mechanism, the following models: PL112, PL183, and PL184, will not be equipped with soft-close drawer slides. This measure ensures that these specific models adhere to the highest safety standards while still providing excellent functionality.

Soft Close Doors and Hinges